Travellers on a Red Road takes place in a world where the supernatural is very close: the wilderness is full of spirits, some people are born able to speak to animals or see the future in their dreams, and it is well-known that those who die while carrying to much spiritual energy will return to haunt … Continue reading Magic


The setting of Travellers on a Red Road, Kalaga, is an area with many different organisations that are likely to play an important role in your future adventures. Crime syndicates, philosophical movements, trading companies, secret cults, and many others all make an appearance. Today, we have a preview of three of these organiations, alongside some art … Continue reading Organisations


Writing a game means looking at the tings that have influenced you: what is it I like about them, how do I recreate it, and how do I make it fit together? Travellers on a Red Road is influenced by any number of games and my experiences with these. An important part of the influence comes from … Continue reading Influences


Travellers on a Red Road is a flintlocks and sorcery game set for release in spring 2019. This page will be used for updates regarding the development of the game, as well as additional downloadable material and posts detailing thoughts about the design of the game and its setting.